About Us


City Hostel

City Hostel has more than 100+ hostels and PG accommodations in Kota. All this hostels are fully equipped and located nearby famous institutes like Allen, Akash, Bansal, Resonance, Vibrant, Motion, Career Point, Brilliant and many other renowned institutes.

City Hostel has also provided option for registration of mess and other categorized services for students. We are an online platform that covers everything a student need in Kota. We offer Flat discount Upto Rs. 2000/- on booking of hostel rooms or PG accommodation.

Our Team

We are a mixed team of hosteliers and software engineers with a few marketing and sales/support persons too, but we promise this small team will be the greatest team for you! We’ve been working on CITYHostel since 2018. We were just 4, when we started and now we have a team of 15 people!We have over 30 years experience in hospitality, and over 20 years experience in application development. Our think for people over Profit and this makes us different from other.